Aston Martin? seriously?!

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Aston Martin? seriously?!

Cygnet is one of the most exclusive models of Aston Martin in the past decade - only 150 units have been sold - and the car is not even a true Aston Martin.
This model by the British premium manufacturer is neither a sport coupe nor a convertible.

Even though this vehicle bears the name "Aston Martin", it can cause confusion on the roads with people who aren't very car-enthusiastic because it's much closer to a Smart than a classic Aston Martin by its dimensions and design .The Cygnet is actually a "repacked" Toyota iQ, a model that is no longer produced, with Aston Martin's outer mask and luxurious interior.

The British manufacturer placed it on the market in 2011 with the idea of offering existing Aston Martin owners the Cygnet as a small, luxurious city vehicle that they could be used on shorter routes in everyday driving without giving up the status symbol that is carried with its company emblem. However, the main reason for launching the Cygnet was, in some way, overwhelmed. Behind the decision to place Toyota under its brand stood Aston Martin with its intention to reduce the average CO2 emissions from its models and thus fitting it into ecological standards.

The experiment collapsed very quickly and only two years later in 2013, the Aston Martin Cygnet was withdrawn from the market. Although the company planned to sell about 4000 cars annually, only 150 of them arrived.

Under the hood of the Cygnet hood was Toyota's 1.33 liter four-cylinder petrol engine producing 98 HP. Additionally, the price in Britain was as high as £31,000 (147000 AED) which was about 2.5 times higher than the Toyota iQ, so a small number of owners of the classic Aston Martin got caught in this scheme. However, Cygnet's exclusivity has influenced the fact that this car has kept its value as a used car at second-hand car markets, and that's how an ad was shown in the Netherlands with a model that was driven for 48000 kilometers was being sold for 40000 euros (166000 AED).

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