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The immersive Ford Go Faster experience will allow participants to receive an education on how to perform exciting scenes such as drifting and handbrake parking from professional specialists.

For true car lovers, it seems like just a dream to be able to be a performer in a film-like production, but now everyone will have the opportunity to become a film specialist driver for a day. To make things even more exciting, participants will be able to see their skills immortalized on the famous green screen.

In the first edition of the program, which is to be held in London, entrants will carry out a series of adrenaline-rushing maneuvers in a Focus RS, as well as try to get rid of a Ford Mustang that chases them, all whilst being recorded with numerous HD cameras.

In the end, they will end up starring in a trailer for Ford Go Faster, portraying them in leading role as "Wheels" in "Go Faster" and showing their bravery and screen presence.

Andrew Merryweather, Ford's Brand Experience manager, mentioned that this is a unique opportunity for car enthusiasts to show their skills performing various stunts, as well as seeing themselves perform in a full-length movie trailer. He also mentioned that it's an equivalence to combining the best of two worlds - driving and movies, all produced in a Hollywood style thematic, giving participants a day to remember forever, as well as having the ultimate brag rights in front of friends.

Tickets for the first Ford Go Faster, which will be held in London between the 13th and 22nd of October, are now on sale for £99 (470 dirhams).

Enrollees will receive a film, storyboard and script prior to their arrival at the event's specially created venue in Barking, Eat London.

The Ford Go Faster program will reach other cities in Europe before the end of the year, later on spreading to the American continent.

Places are limited so, if you're a car enthusiast and have always wondered what it's like to be a stunt driver for a cool Fast and Furious-like movie, go to the event's website of Facebook page and grab yourself a driver seat.

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