The Ferrari F18X

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The Ferrari F18X

Brace yourselves, not only is the 7th season of Game of Thrones almost here, Ferrari announced their first ever crossover model - the Ferrari F18X.

According to preliminary data, the SUV will be significantly unified with a new large supercar, which will replace the current model of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso and will enter the market in 2020. The crossover is expected a year later and has traits from the sports car platform, basic design solutions and almost all units. It will also have a five-door body, with the rear doors swinging open upwards, or as they call them "suicide doors", providing access to the rear seats without the heavy B-pillar between the front and back seats ruining the F16X's sleek and chic coupe-like lines.

Claims are made that there won't be a V12 engine for the SUV, but rather the V8 turbo-engine, which is now being installed on the GTC4Lusso T, will take place under the F16X hood. Also, a hybrid powertrain will be offered as a power source for the vehicle meaning that this Ferarri brand will be the first petrol-electric four-wheeler since the LaFerarri.

Ferrari F16X will cost approximately 300000 euros (around 1200000 AED) and will allow the company to double the output volume in comparison to last year, when 8000 cars were produced. But this crossover from Maranello will not be a unique offer on the market; this year the serial Lamborghini Urus should come out, and a little later the Aston Martin DBX will appear. Even the Spyker company announced the revival of its own SUV, although it is likely to compete with a larger Bentaiige. Shortly, a real boom is expected in the market of elite crossovers in the coming period.

Unfortunately, Ferrari has not yet released more details about their newest model but we are definitely looking forward to the first Ferrari crossover to rock our worlds.

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