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Things To Do For Your Car Before Leaving For Vacation

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Things To Do For Your Car Before Leaving For Vacation

Heading out for a vacation and leaving your car behind? You need to read and implement our top 10 tips to preserve your car, so that when you return, your vehicle will be ready to hit the road!

  1. Park Indoors or in a Garage
    It is highly recommended to park the car in your garage, as the UAE’s hot and humid weather could be unfavorable for it. If you have a garage, that’s cool. If you do not, rent out a public storage facility. To prevent rodents from entering your car, fill the openings outside with mothballs bathed in peppermint oil. Feel free to add a mousetrap or two as well!
    In case, you have no other way but to leave your car outside, you should insert reflectorized sun panels on your front and back dashes. It will keep the car cool inside and protect against sun rays. Get a weatherproof cover for your car as well to give it that little extra care.
  2. Clean it Properly
    Make sure you clean both the exterior and interior of your car before you leave for vacation. Finding it a bit costly? No worries, check out Groupon for some deals. Do remove any valuable items from the interior before handing your car for detailing.
  3. Oil the Spark Plugs
    Spraying a little oil on the sockets after taking out the spark plugs will safeguard the inner area of the cylinder from rust and avert moisture accumulation.
  4. Inflate the Tires
    Check the tire pressure before going away on a vacation and inflate each tire as recommended to make up for normal air loss. If you are going away for longer than a month, then it is wise to remove the tires and leave your car on jack stands to prevent flat spots.
  5. Remove the Battery
    Detach the car battery and store it in a safe, dry yet cool place, especially if your vacation would exceed a month. Spread grease or petroleum jelly, on the wire ends and terminals to prevent rust. You may need to change the car’s electronic settings, as they reset after disconnecting the battery in some cars.
  6. Leave the Handbrake off
    Leave the handbrake off, so that brake pads do not get stuck to the drums or discs. To prevent your vehicle from rolling, place bricks or wood under the tires.
  7. Fill The Tank
    A full tank of gas will prevent moisture build-up inside the tank and keep the seals from drying out. That’s perfect if you are vacationing in Europe for a month. However, if you are going to spend the whole summer in another country, you should add a fuel stabilizer to avert ethanol buildup and guard the engine against rust, varnish and gum.
  8. Pay Insurance, Registration and Installment
    Take a look at the expiry date of your insurance policy and car registration when you start planning your vacation. If the expiry is imminent and fall within your vacationing days, make sure you renew them. You know you cannot drive without these two important documents in the UAE. Apart from that, you must clear your present and future due installments if your car is financed or leased.
  9. Check Fluid Levels
    Car fluids deteriorate rapidly during hot weather. After every 50,000-100,000 km, you need to check coolant level, brake fluid, steering oil and automatic transmission oil to confirm they are not contaminated. Better to top them up when you store your vehicle, so that you can hit the road straight away upon your arrival back in the UAE.
  10. Change Air filter
    As dust storms and dry weather are a norm in the UAE, you must check the air filter for fragments of rubble and garbage. If it requires a change, better to put a new air filter.
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