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Top 5 Money Saving Tips When Renting a Car in the UAE

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Top 5 Money Saving Tips When Renting a Car in the UAE

The UAE tends to be quite busy throughout the year, as people from all around the globe head to the country to spend their holidays. For both visitors and residents, renting a car in the UAE can be a challenge and requires a lot patience. You need to contact a reliable car rental company and choose a car with good fuel economy and appropriate seating capacity within your budget. Mentioned below are our top 5 money saving tips when renting a car in the UAE.

1.     Pre-book Your Car:

How long does it take to pre-book your ride before your journey? Whether you are planning for a week-ahead trip or have to crash land suddenly in the UAE due to an urgent situation, consider renting your car online to spare the haphazardness.

2.     Consider Size and the Seats of the Car:

Before you head over to a car rental company, remember as to why you really need to rent a car. Do you need it for touring purposes or as a go-to-vehicle to save largely on gas? Be clear of your choices and consider choosing an appropriate vehicle with an additional baby seat if you are traveling with kids. For families, an SUV or a luxury sedan suits the best, while young souls have all the options from luxury sports to exotic cars.

3.     Do you Need Car Insurance?

We know you drive safely with a seatbelt tied right across your chest, but accidents could happen to anybody and almost anywhere. You must be aware of insurance options on car rentals. Car rental firms usually refer you to their Collision Damage Waiver to extend protection against theft and damage for an extra amount. Paying a little extra here would definitely ease your mind. If you already have auto insurance, that might cover the rentals too, so first check with your insurer. If you are using your credit card to pay for the rented vehicle, you might get insurance cover through your service provider. In situations where you have no choice but to opt for rental insurance, choose the basic insurance.

4.     Avoid Unnecessary Extras:

Additional features such as a GPS Navigation System, a pre-charge fuel refill, a satellite system and a state-of-the-art music system, all would come with an extra price. Opt for only those which are absolute necessary for your journey. There could also be free upgrades or a free GPS rental.

5.     Rent for Longer Period

It is understandable that renting for 3 days should be cheaper than renting for 7 days, but that’s not the case most of the time. This is because business travelers book for shorter period and they are not price sensitive compared to leisure travelers, who obviously look for longer rentals. The rental firms know about this fact, so they devise their plans accordingly.  

Besides all we mentioned above, read the fine print of the rental policy. Know about the cancellation and damage charges (if you don’t accept the insurance policy) before filling a car rental contract.


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