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5 luxury cars that have an amazing feature in them

Luxury Cars

5 luxury cars that have an amazing feature in them

Mercedes Benz S Class

Do you think you can envision your car keeping you from nodding off to sleep while driving? The Mercedes S-class offers an attention assist highlight feature that identifies the driver's eye movement and the screens if you lose attention while driving. When this happens the car will caution the driver by utilizing a few sound and visual alert signs to wake up the driver. It's a standout amongst the most exceptional security features that are available. 

Cadillac Escalade

Want to command your car by utilising only your voice? 10 years back conversing with a car was just a piece of science fiction motion movie however now it's become a reality. This element is known as CUE – Cadillac User experience which incorporates functions like a tablet with touch features, gadget sync and the function to perceive your characteristic voice. Drivers can easily make telephone calls, play music and find locations utilising voice orders. By using CUE drivers can now focus on the drive instead of looking around for your phone and diminish the risks of an accident.

BMW i8

Did you know the BMW i8 is the first sports hybrid auto with a fuel utilisation and emission of that of a small car? When you think about hybrid autos, the first thing that strikes a chord in your mind is of a moderate moving customary auto however that is now a viewpoint that BMW is fast transforming. The streamlined plan and light weight outline which allows i8 to achieve a top speed of 120 km/h is absolutely on electric force and a most higher speed of 250 km/h expending only on 2.1 L/100 km. 

Audi TT

Did you know that Audi was the first to present an infotainment system? It allows drivers to customize their dashboard, for example by change the speedometers size or outline the utilising fingers. The same showcase board in the dashboard moreover indicates maps, multi-media, car condition and much more. The simplicity of being able to customise is the feature that most excites numerous drivers. 

BMW 7 series

Do long drives after sun set thrill you? Driving in pitch darkness at high speeds can be risky for both drivers and others that are out and about. It does get hard to concentrate on the roads in the evening especially after a long day at work but BMW has developed something that can change your driving experience in the evening. Imagine a head-up view with night vision which shows the streets and any hazards that are too far from your view. This amazing feature also incorporates passerby and cyclist recognition system which most often turn up unexpectedly.

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