Flying Taxi?!


Flying Taxi?!

Is your dream to fly over the rainbow so high? Well, now you can definitely do so. A Youtube video has been released that shows a 2 minute 20 second video of the Ehang pilotless drone take off close by Burj Al Arab. The flying contraption is shown being controlled on ground point and isn't carrying passengers.

In the caption accompanying the uploaded Youtube video, Ehang mentions that tests have been taking place since early 2017 at the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority test site (DCAA) and at deserts and coastal environments.

Months ago, authorities in Dubai announced that in a matter of a few months, a pilotless taxi will the newest craze in the city of mind-blowing infrastructures.

The Ehang 184, a giant drone of Chinese production, has the chance of replacing the conventional taxi.

China's company made announcements back in February that it hoped to have their first flying taxi take off by the end of this year. This company's drone has a maximum speed of 100 km/h and a half-hour flying capacity while running on battery power.

To request a flying cab, passengers need to enter their destination into an app created specifically for the drone ride. The flying vehicle then maps out the route and transports the passenger to his/her destination. The drone cannot fly directly; it has to stop at set landing spots in between.

If any malfunctions happen, the Ehang company made a "fail safe" system which prompts the vehicle to land at the nearest place. The drone also communicates through encrypted channels.

The ruler of the UAE, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum commented that his plans is to have a quarter of the population use these flying taxis as a source of transportation.

These drones are definitely a huge step into the future but a few questions need to be answered. How much will a ride cost? How many drones will be available? When is the app going to be public? But until those questions are answered and flying taxis become a normal transportation method, we'll just sit back and enjoy the idea of flying drones taking us to our favourite hang-out spot.

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