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Leather car seats what?


Leather car seats what?

The luxury of car interiors until now often includes leather seats, however, there could be major changes in this automobile segment quite soon.

In the 21st century, when the world is raising awareness about the need to protect animals that are being bred and killed only for their skin, the use of this natural resource for car seat covering is becoming more and more socially unacceptable.

Premium vehicle manufacturers are affected by these changes the most, seeing as the use of leather seats has been a key ingredient in their marketing and advertising tactics.

Alas, luxury doesn't necessarily involve the use of leather, according to Land Rover. Namely, this manufacturer offered its new SUV model, the Range Rover Velar, with an alternative to leather which is used to cover the seats and the interior car door edges.

According to various sources, the material that Land Rover is using in their new SUV is based on wool obtained from sheep from New Zealand and Australia, later on processed and prepared for use in the Danish automobile company.

The fact that Land Rover considers this wool-based material to be very luxurious is proven by the price of the car, which is quite beyond the price of a standard leather vehicle version.

Another material being used by this manufacturer in their cars is made from recycled plastic, and it's conceived as an alternative to antelope skin.

Land Rover's designer director, Gerry McGovern, mentioned that the public's attitude towards products made from animal body parts is changing. He also commented that the production of luscious products is becoming more sophisticated and new methods are found for obtaining materials that fit into sustainable development and whose production process pollutes the environment less.

McGovern said that he would personally be very happy if natural skin would be removed from the automotive industry.

The introduction of luxury materials that are an alternative to animal skin is not a novelty; an example of such is the Alcantara material which is an artificial imitation of suede.

Land Rover isn't the only company that is gradually focusing on materials that will replace animal skin. The American electric car maker, Tesla, has announced that it will remove leather materials from its new models, Maserati has begun offering buyers seat covers which are a combination of artificial fabrics and silk, while Bentley announced that they will consider similar options.

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