Smart Dubai


Smart Dubai

The Dubai Electricity and Water Supply Administration (DEWA) announced plans to install new low-energy lighting poles along the roads, which will also be able to distribute Wi-Fi.

DEWA and the German company Innogy, Innogy International Middle East, signed a memorandum of understanding with the French company Ragni for the design and implementation of smart lighting poles as early as the first quarter of 2018.

These facilities will also be able to provide autonomous traffic and create a Wi-Fi network, all while using energy-saving lighting.

Wattway technology is used to produce energy utilizing panels on roads. In this case, they can be installed on the existing road cover without any special engineering work. Also, the technology provides the possibility of further development in terms of electric vehicle charging stations.

A meeting was also held with the French company Colas Group, specializing in the construction of roads and railways, to explore a joint cooperation in terms of installing a road surface with embedded photovoltaic panels to generate electricity from solar energy.

According to Colas, 1 kilometer road stretch paved with this innovative technology is able to provide electricity to power public lighting in a city of 5000 residents. Only 20 square meters of Wattaway panels are required to be able to provide the electricity needed for one home.

In the period of the past 5 years, Colas has been developing Wattaway, composed of cells inserted in encased layers than make sure that there is enough resistance and tyre grip. The material used is only a few millimeters thick, which gives it the capability to adapt to thermal dilation in the pavement as well as vehicle loads without being damaged.

This project is amongst many other to help ensure that Dubai becomes more sustainable and more reliant on clean energy sources. The UAE will be working on implementing cleaner energy practices over the next decade, and one of the largest projects planned to take place is installing solar panels on every rooftop in the country by 2030.

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