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Toyota's newest concept


Toyota's newest concept

On the podium of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Japanese rolled out a "charged" version of the C-HR crossover.

The rendition of Hy-Power unambiguously hints at the increased power of the novelty in comparison with the already produced serial model.

The prototype design was developed in the European design studio Toyota ED2, located near the French city of Nice. 

A new "Dark Carbon" silver colour with a matte finish was used to highlight the aggressive lines of the C-HR body. This effect is further enhanced by using piano black on certain body elements such as the lower part of the front spoiler, the area under the Toyota logo on the front bezel and around the rim of its 20 inch alloy wheels. The front pillars are in bright orange (Burning Orange), as well as the exterior mirror enclosures and inside the headlights.

The interior features sporty leather seats with orange headrests and belts. The asymmetry of the rhomboid decoration on the seats has contributed to a unique atmosphere within the vehicle concept.

While introducing the hybrid, dr. Johan van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, announced that from now on the company will produce its key models in two versions: one with an emphasis on economy and fuel efficiency, the other on dynamics and manageability. The concept of C-HR Hy-Power is only one of them - its serial version will appear next year. It is quite reasonable, considering that the hybrid version of the crossover provides over 75% of sales of this model in Europe.

Toyota did not provide information about the drive system, except that it is going to be a new generation of performance-oriented drives, so it should offer a significantly better functionality than the 122K available to the serial C-HR Hybrid model. The new propulsion system will be introduced at the beginning of 2018.

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