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Meet the Peugeot 308 Cup


Meet the Peugeot 308 Cup

Peugeot is no stranger to making legendary racing machines. From Dakar to Le Mans,the sports department of this company has won numerous titles in almost all motor sports disciplines. However, the B Group's legendary cars are financially beyond reach for mere mortals so, if you have a nice trust-fund and dream of sitting behind the wheel of a sweet racing car, Peugeot has a solution for you.

The idea here is that anyone can go to Peugeot's car salon and buy a 308 Cup, a vehicle that can be your everyday transportation kind of car, or with which you can compete in various races such as TCR, VLN at Nordschleife, and so on.

Under the hood of the 308 Cup is the same engine as in the GTI version of the 308. If that sounds weak for you, just note that it holds the huge turbo from the 208 T1 version which holds a record on the Colorado Pikes Peak track. This 1.6 liter engine delivers 302 HP and if we take into consideration that the car weighs only 1100 kilos, we must admit that it represents an impressive combination. Alongside the racing sequential gearbox and the front-wheel drive, it sounds even more powerful, right?

If you expect to find a radio and massage seats in this car, however, you have made a mistake. As the reduction in the overall weight of the car was the main goal, the interior had to undergo certain changes and is quite simple in its design. In fact, it's completely empty, except for the dashboard which has different switches, a racing cage, and a steering wheel. the lack of ABS and any other security system means that the driver is on his/her own, which could be both good and bad, depending on the skills of the person handling the steering wheel.

Although is resembles the 308 GTI version quite a lot, you can definitely tell it looks like a racing car upfront. Namely, this vehicle is so low that it seems as if it's touching the ground. It's also considerably wider than the standard car because you have to fit those racing wheels somewhere!

The combination of the car width and the racing tires means that the 308 Cup isn't hard to control. It has an aggressive aerodynamic bodywork; the rear wing makes the car easier by 100 kilos because it repels air pressure, with the front bumper manipulating the air around it.

Now, don't get too excited if you have never driven a race car before. The ride could be quite the shock because you feel every imbalance on the road, making you feel like you're in a washing machine. However, many sensors constantly give you information about what's happening around and under the car.

The biggest difference between a regular urban car and a racing car is the vehicle's response to the driver's movements. Namely, in a racing car, there is almost no delay between the driver's movements and the car's response. That being said, the 308 Cup is the type of car that tracks the driver's controls in millimeters.

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