Belhasa Car Rental - Terms and conditions


1. Insurance

The vehicle will be comprehensively insured by Belhasa Car Rental LLC and will include unlimited Third Party Liability in respect of death and bodily injury in accordance with UAE Law. Optional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is available upon request, which waives the renter’s liability on accident, but only after submission of final police report along with relevant documents.

  1. Maintenance and Repair

    Manufacturer specified servicing is included in your rental plan. Servicing generally takes place every 5,000 kilometers and

    varies for certain vehicles. The Lessee will be responsible for daily preventive maintenance of the vehicle.

  2. Accidents

    In the event of an accident, all Belhasa Car Rental LLC vehicles are insured against third party liability with respect to death or bodily injury. You are required to obtain a Police report irrespective of damage severity. A standard excess charge of AED 1,000.00/- On Lease Contracts applies towards the cost of repairs for each claim. Should the cost of repair be less than standard excess charge, you will only be liable for actual costs, except where Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) has been accepted and purchase by the Lessee. The damage due to mishandling is not covered by insurance such as tyre burst, glass breakage, engine damage due to neglect etc.

  3. Replacement Vehicle

    A similar group replacement vehicle may be provided if elected when the leased vehicle in is for service repairs.

  4. Round-the clock Support

    Belhasa Car Rental LLC provides 24/7 support in the event of an emergency 0551018101.

  5. Mileage

    The rates are based on a maximum mileage cap as per quotation mentioned. Mileage exceeding the agreed amount is chargeable as per the quotation mentioned.
    Note - All vehicles including 4X4 are designed for paved road use only. Desert off-road usage is not permitted and any such associated damage is chargeable in full.

  6. Driver Qualification

    Driver (Lessee) shall be 25 years of age or older and hold a valid UAE issued driving license which should be minimum One

    year. Additional driver other than that the Lessee may be permitted to drive the vehicle subject to;

  1. a)  Express consent from Belhasa Car Rental LLC.

  2. b)  Driver must be 25 years of age or older and holds a one year & above valid UAE issued driving license.

  3. c)  Additional Driver can be added subject to above described driver qualifications and will be charged at AED 100/- per


  1. Traffic Violation & SALIK

    Fines incurred as a result of traffic violations and other negligent penalties ( as imposed by the Police, RTA, or other Government authority) will be the lessee’s responsibility and cost recovered accordingly. Every traffic violation merits a Service charge of AED 40/- and knowledge fees of AED 20/- for RTA,
    Salik (toll) Tax will be charged billed as per actual RTA charges + Administration charge of AED 5 will be billed per crossing. In case the vehicle is impounded by the government authorities, Belhasa Car Rental LLC will charge the rental amount till the vehicle is returned to Belhasa Car Rental LLC.