Sultan Majid Rent A Car - Terms and conditions


 Documents required: -Valid Passport copy / EID copy and Driving License copy, Credit Card Imprint [Security deposit is applicable to all the cars].


Visit Visa Holders: - Valid Passport Copy, Visit visa copy and either UAE or valid International driving license.

 Collision Damage Waiver [CDW]: -The above vehicles are excessively insured, in the event of an accident where the driver is deemed to be at fault [Police Report mandatory], the lessee will be liable to pay the excess insurance amount which is uncovered by the insurance Company.


CDW is valid if the lessee or driver is above 25 years of age and in the event of an accident, a police report has been issued. In either case, a police report is a MUST.

 Accident Cost:- If the lessee or driver is below 25 years of age, and holds the faulty accident police report, 10% of the accident cost of repair is chargeable, FULL cost of repair of damage to vehicle if not accompanied by accident report.

 Fuel:- All our vehicles are delivered full tank and if unreturned in the same capacity, the cost of refueling is charged to the lessee.

 Salik:- All toll gates are charged at Dhs 5.



 Refundable Security deposit is applicable to all the cars.

 Monthly invoice, credit card or cash payment options available.