Indigo Rent A Car - Terms and conditions

  • CREDIT CARD INFORMATION: A credit card maybe requested at the time of booking.Reservation that requires credit card maybe subject to one-day rental charge if the rental is not cancelled atleast 6 hours prior to scheduled pick-up time.


  • RENTER REQUIREMENT: Renter must be atleast 25 years of age with the credit card on their own name.No additional renter or under age surcharges apply for corporate client.


  • RESIDENT LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: For those who has resident visain UAE,a UAE driving lecense is a must.


  • NON-RESIDENT LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: To drive in UAE,non-residents must hold a valid driver license from resident country for atleast 1 year.Liecense must be accompanied by Int'l  Drivers License or gulf cooperation council license.


  • LICENSE SPECIFICATIONS: International Driving license must be valid and legible,with particualrs in english.Other languages will require customer to visit their respective consulates for english translation.


  • INT'L DRIVERS LICENSE INFORMATION: If the customer does not have an international driving license,customer will be required to go to the nearest traffic department to get a temporary UAE driving license in order to rent a car.


  • DRIVING: Driving is on the right side of the road.


  • OMAN TRAVEL REQUIRMENTS: Driving to oman is not permitted at this time.


  • OTHER TERRITORIAL RESTRICTIONS: Vehicles may not be driven into bahrain,kuwait,saudi arabia,quatar or yemen.


  • BOOKING REQUIREMENTS: Reservation must be booked no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time for the reservation.Any changes to the reservation or rental may result in a change of rate or additional fees.


  • RATE COVERAGE'S: Theft protection or third partyliability are included in rental rates.Local tax not applicable.


  • FUEL REQUIREMENTS: Vehicles are rentel with full a tanks and must be returned full to avoid a locally determined refueling charged.


  • REQUIRED FEES: Airport Access Fee (APO) is currently AED 75.00 per rental.


  • TOLL REQUIREMENTS: Vehicles may include equipment for pre-paymentof toll taxes where applicable.Any accrued toll taxes will be the responsibility of the customer and added to rental charges at/after the conclusion of the rental.


  • ACCIDENT/DAMAGE CLAIM: A police report is mandatory for every accident/damage claim as per UAE law and is subject to UAE court verdict.


  • LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER (NON-SUV'S): Is not offered.Vehicles taken into the desert and damage raises responsibility to the full value of the vehicle.