Fancy Rent A Car - Terms and conditions





“Free delivery in Dubai for Weekly & Monthly Rental”

In event of collision (renters or other party’s fault), POLICE REORT or any

document issued by court must be accompany and submitted to Fancy Rent

A Car by the renter.

AED 1200 excess charge will apply and payable by renter to Fancy Rent A

Car Company in event of accident unless the renter has purchase the

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).

Note for the CDW:

If your UAE license is not more than one year/ or if it’s an international

driving license, whether an accident is your fault or not your fault, automatic,

the hirer is liable to pay 20% excess of the total damage.

CDW is protecting the driver to pay any sub charges in event of collision,

theft, vandalism and hit and run while the vehicle in parked position.

The rental fee must be paid in advance at the time of receiving the vehicle

including security deposit, unless the terms of payment has been settled in

separate agreement for corporate. Security Deposit will be refundable 15

days after the contact is expire and the vehicle is return to Fancy Rent A

Car office.


1) The renter must be at least 25 years of age to rent and drive the vehicle.

2) The renter’s driver license must be issued at least one year prior to date

of renting the vehicle. Anyone 25 years and above old who’s driving the

rental vehicle, and his/her driver license issuing date is less than a year

in case of accident is subject to pay 20% of the damaging cost in addition

to AED 1200 excess charge and the time lost on repair.

3) Rented vehicle should not be driven by anyone except the person whose

name is on the contract.

4) The rented vehicle shall not be sub less or rented to second or third


5) Police and Fancy Rent Car office should be inform by the renter

immediately if any accident occur, failing to do so will make the renter

responsible and liable to any authorities it may concern and pay for full

damages to the vehicle.

6) In the event of accident, if the driver found under influence of alcohol or

narcotic substance (even prescribed by doctors) he/she are responsible

to pay for the complete damages including the lost time while vehicle is

under repair.

7) The renter is responsible to pay the rent while rented vehicle is in parking

by the order of court for any dispute may occur until the date dispute is

steeled and the vehicle is released.

8) The renter acknowledges the vehicle’s condition checklist at time of

signing the contract and agreed to return the vehicle in same condition.

9) Smoking inside the vehicle is prohibited; violators are subject to AED

1000 fine payable to Fancy Rent A Car.

10) The AED 25 will be charge to renter’s account if the vehicle is not clean

at the time of return.

11) Weekly and Monthly rates are available please ask your rental agent

for the rate and details.

12) If in case the weekly or monthly contract is at breach by the renter, the

rate calculations for weekly contract will change to daily and for monthly

will be change to weekly.

13) Vehicle(s) that are rented to Corporation must have the names of all

drivers who may drive the vehicle in the contract.

14)The fuel level at the time of returning the vehicle must be the same as

when renter received the vehicle, if not renter will be charge for the fuel


15) The renter must bring the vehicle for service and maintenance as

schedule indicates.

16) In the event of any mechanical problem, driver must stop the vehicle,

turn off the engine and inform the rental office immediately.

17) Transporting any illegal cargo, substance of forbidden items by the law

in the rental vehicle is prohibited and violator(s) will be prosecuted by

the order of the court, therefore any charged occur including the time

vehicle is seized by the police shall be paid by the renter.

18) A day rent means 24 hours. Any extra hours will be calculated as full


19) The renter is responsible to pay for all Salik and Traffic Violation

charges at the time of returning the vehicle.

20) The rented vehicle must not leave the borders of UAE.

21) The renter shall not use any sticker including advertising stickers, color

sticker, logo of any company in or out said the body of rented vehicle.

Also the renter is not allowed to put tint to any window glasses and


22) There will be AED 0.25 charges for any extra kilometer over 225 per

day, 1500 per week and 6000 per month.

23) Fancy Rent A Car has the right to take any proper procedures action

against the renter if he/she do not execute and follow the terms and

conditions of the contract.