Smart Line Rent a Car - Terms and conditions



1. The hirer is responsible for returning the vehicle in the same condition in which it was delivered.

You and We will check the vehicle at that start of the agreement and on the return of the

vehicle. A SMART LINE RENT A CAR representative will provide you with a record showing the

agreed defects. You acknowledge that you will be responsible for any loss or damage to the

vehicle, its documents, parts or accessories during the rental period.


2. In the case of an accident the hirer should not remove the vehicle prior to the police inspection

of the accident site. Failure to render a police report will render the hirer liable for all coast

incurred in repairing the rented vehicle. Further more Smart Line Rent a Car LLC is obliged to

inform the concerned authorities of any unreported accidents.


3. The hirer should inform the office on the same day that an accident has accured.


4. The hirer will be responsible for an insurance excess of 1500 AED in the case of an accident

where the Police determine that the cause of the accident was due to the hirer. If the vehicle is

lost or cancelled due to the fault of the hirer, the hirer will pay 20% of the value of the vehicle.


5. If the Police determine that the accident was the fault of another named party there will be no

charge to the hirer. If there is no named second party to an accident the hirer will be responsible

to pay an insurance excess of 1500 AED.


6. The hirer must provide us with all of the necessary Police or Court documents/case papers in

respect of our vehicles immediately on receipt of such documents. If the hirer does not provide

all that documents/papers which in turn prevent us from making a claim from our insurers, the

hirer will become responsible for all the coasts of repair from our nominated garage he will also

become liable for the hire change while the vehicle is being repaired.


7. The hirer is warned that any costs or damage incurred while under the influence of alcohol or

while involved in any illegal activity will be the responsibility of the hirer.


8. This agreement is made expressly between Smart Line Rent a Car LLC and Hirer/Driver, the hirer

does not have the permission to allow another un-named party to driver vehicle. In the event

that a third party drives this vehicle and is involved in an accident whether it is his fault or not

the hirer will be responsible for all costs of repair, and further all costs while the repair is being

taken place. You also agree that you will not allow any named person, including you, to drive the

vehicle if that person is over tired, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, medication or any

other legal or illegal substance impairing their consciousness or ability to react.


9. The parties herein agreed that the terms and conditions printed on overleaf is made a part of

this agreement


10. One day hire means 4 (Twenty Four) Hours

One week hire means 7 (Seven) Days

One month hire means 30 (Thirty) Days

11. The hirer is required to pay all traffic fines, Salik, and parking violations from the date and time

this vehicle is taken up fill the date and time this vehicle is returned. Any disagreement in

amounts posted on the RTA, Dubai Police or Salik fines by the concerned government agencies

should be taken up by the hirer after the amount is settled with the company. We resolve the

right to debit your card immediatly on receiving a traffic fine or other violation while our vehicle

is rented by you, we also reserve the right to debit card after you have returned the vehicle for

any charges, fines or penalties incurred by you during the agreement period.


12. The hirer undertakes to not alter the vehicles, including placing stickers on the windows or body

of the vehicles. We reserve the right to charges the hirer a fee of 500 AED to remove the

stickers,tinting, or any other such alterations to our vehicles.


13. All vehicles should be paid for in advance unless there is previous agreement in place.


14. Salik deposits are required with all monthly rented vehicles, If there is no salik deposit Smart

Line Rent a Car LLC will make an administrative charge of 1.00 AED time a Salik Gate is passed.


15. If you experience any mechanical problem with the vehicle you must inform us immediately. No

must service or repair our vehicle without our prior express permission.


16. The hirer is required to permit Smart Line Rent a Car to access the vehicle in order to service or

repair it whenever necessary, we will provide a replacement vehicle for the period while the

vehicle is serviced if required. If permission is denied any faults or damage to the vehicle

including engine damage will be charge to the customer’s credit card.


17. Smart Line Rent a Car reserves the right to terminate any agreement. The hirer is required to

pay all outstanding charges immediately on termination of the rental agreement.any charges

not paid at the termination of the agreement will incur an administration fee 100 AED per week.


18. The hirer of this vehicle should be on than 25 years of age he/she should have a valid UAE

driver’s license for more than one year, or a valid international driver’s license.


19. Petrol is not included in the Rental Agreement.


20. Hirers may not drive their vehicles outside of the UAE without prior written permission.