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33 Million Dirham Number Plate Sold in Dubai


33 Million Dirham Number Plate Sold in Dubai

Call it a hobby or a longing desire, but this man has won a special number plate for 33 million dirhams.

A bitter battle between 16 bidders ended in a 33 million dirham sale of a number plate in Dubai. The hammer hit down the gavel for the winner, Mr. Bulvinder Sahni, Chairman of MSG International group of companies.

Talking to a news agency, the owner of a property management company, Mr. Bulvinder Sahni also known as “Abu Sabah” said, “I like collecting unique number plates and I am proud to have got this number. I like number nine, D is the fourth number in alphabet and add that to 5 it makes nine, so I went for it. Whatever the bidding would have reached, I would have bought it.”

This is not the first time he is buying a unique number plate, last year he bought number ‘O9’ of Dubai plates for 25 Million dirhams. In total he has collected 10 uniques number plates. Number ‘D5’ will go on his Rolls-Royce according to him.

As you may be aware, Dubai roads and transport authority hold an auction event once a month, where they invite people to bid on unique number plates. From the last couple of years, this event has generated an immense interest among participants, where bidding starts from 20 million dirhams with no bidding cap.

Having unique number plates is a growing trend in the UAE; in fact, it is a big business. Car dealers sell special number plates along with their cars and in most cases these special number plates can inflate the price of the car and increase its value. The practice is similar with car rentals; when you can rent a car with a special number plate, it will cost you more than the normal rate of renting cars.

Although it is a substantive amount for a single digit number plate, this has happened before in the UAE. An emirati businessman bought a number plate for 52.2 million dirhams, which currently stands as the most expensive number plate in the United Arab Emirates.


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