About Us

About us

YZER GROUP is a full service solution which aims to give consumers the best value on all high-ticket items, by providing better value across the property and motors categories and beyond. 

Our promise is to maintain an attractive portal where user experience is guaranteed to be friendly and effective. The promises based on the above mentioned benefits are delivered by making it easier to find whatever it is consumers are looking for. YZER is approachable, easy to understand, and informative.


Our list of websites includes:


YZER MOTORS – is a media intelligence platform with a vision to be the main solution provider for anything related to transportation. Our aim is to provide with business solutions to both local and international corporate as well as fast, reliable solutions to the end user.


YZER PROPERTY - developed specifically to help consumers in the UAE identify new properties for residential, commercial or investment purposes. We aim to provide the largest inventory of all real estate listing websites in the UAE by offering industry-leading subscription rates to all brokers and competitive packages to property developers

Yzer Motors ではエンジンさえあればどんな車両でも簡単にお探しになれるように努めております. 夜に借りてみたいヨットなり、新車の購入なり、Yzer Motors はお客様がお望みの車両を探すのにベストなサービスです。
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